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Pate, Johnson & Church, LLC Overview

Pate, Johnson & Church, LLC is a litigation law firm with offices in Atlanta and Brunswick, Georgia; Los Angeles, CA; and Washington, DC, representing clients in courts throughout the United States in federal criminal defense, whistleblower lawsuits, and civil litigation. The firm focuses on serious criminal and civil cases in trial and appellate courts.

Our criminal defense practice encompasses Federal, Georgia, and International cases, criminal appeals, and forfeiture and seizure. Our whistleblower representation includes charges related to government contracts, healthcare billing fraud, and income tax violations. Our civil practice is generally limited to assisting other lawyers and their clients in government liability matters, constitutional rights, serious injuries, and false arrests.

Over the past 25 years, our trial attorneys have successfully handled a number of different types of civil litigation matters. Attorney Page Pate is highly regarded by his peers and has won cases in many states, plus the United State Supreme Court. Our experienced lawyers dedicate the time, attention, and resources necessary to help our clients win or successfully resolve their cases.

Year this Office was Established: 2021

Pate, Johnson & Church, LLC Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Drug Conspiracy; Immigration Violations; Tax Crimes; Government Corruption; Child Molestation; Forgery; Violent Crimes; Kidnapping; Securities Violations; False Imprisonment; Motor Vehicle & Aircraft Hijacking; International Crimes; International Extradition; Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties; International Depositions & Discovery; Criminal Appeals; Habeas Petitions; Sentence Modifications; Business Disputes; Investment Fraud; Breach of Contract Claims; Shareholder Litigation; Forfeiture and Seizure of Property; Federal Firearms Offenses; Computer Hacking and Cyberstalking; Sexual Exploitation; Honest Services Fraud; Foreign Corrupt Practices; False Arrests.

Pate, Johnson & Church, LLC Areas of Law Description

– Criminal Defense

These criminal defense attorneys have many years of experience in successfully defending serious criminal cases in Georgia, and across the United States. They are among the most respected and elite trial attorneys in this part of the country.

– Civil Litigation

Our firm has successfully handled a number of different types of civil litigation matters. Usually, our firm assists other lawyers and their clients with significant civil cases that go to trial. Our decades of experience in trying difficult criminal cases give our lawyers an advantage over most other civil attorneys who rarely, if ever, go to trial.


Pate, Johnson & Church, LLC Affiliations

  • Atlanta Bar Association
  • Federal Bar Association
  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • National Associations of Criminal Defense Lawyers