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The Reeves Law Group Overview

Featured in Newsweek as one of the 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in the US and The National Trial Lawyers’ list of Top 100 Trial Lawyers, The Reeves Law Group is a successful and award-winning law firm specializing in accident and personal injury cases including brain injuries, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and more. Our personal injury lawyers have been helping injured clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California for over 30 years and recovered over $200,000,000 in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Our firm has been fighting for the rights of injured victims for over two decades. The combined experience of our legal team spans many more decades. The lawyers at The Reeves Law Group are experienced litigators who are passionate about righting the wrongs that impact the lives of injury victims. Personal injury cases require a lot of resources and The Reeves Law Group has what it takes to build the strongest case possible to secure fair and just compensation for our clients.

The Reeves Law Group serves clients from all across Orange County. We also have convenient meeting locations throughout Southern California to meet with and better serve our clients. For your convenience, we will also come to your home, office or hospital room to meet with you. If you or someone close to you would like to contact us to discuss a potential case, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a phone, e-mail, or in-person consultation.

Year this Office was Established: 1984

Languages: English, Spanish, German

The Reeves Law Group Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Traffic Accidents; Dangerous Roads Accidents; Train Accident; Underinsured & Uninsured Motorists Accident; Limousine Accident; Dog Bites; Swimming Pool Accident; Negligent Security; Elevator Accident; Catastrophic Injuries; Brain Injury; Spinal Cord Injury; Burn Injury; Dangerous Products; Assault & Battery Injuries; Drunk Driving Accident; Distracted Driving Accident; Rollover Accident; Third-Party Liability Claims; Sports-Related Accident; Toxic Substances Exposure; Airbag Injuries; Crushed Roof Injury; Construction Accidents; Nursing Home Negligence.

The Reeves Law Group Areas of Law Description

The Reeves Law Group helps personal injury victims in all aspects of personal injury law including (not limited to) the following:

– Personal Injury

The Reeves Law Group has handled thousands of personal injury cases and achieved exceptional results for our clients, while earning a reputation for professionalism and competence. The Reeves Law Firm has both the substantial experience and the resources to best handle your personal injury case. You can be assured that our team of attorneys will diligently pursue exceptional results in your case.

– Wrongful Death

Our attorneys understand the complex nature of wrongful death claims and have helped numerous clients through the difficult circumstances brought about by these tragic losses. We have obtained exceptional results in death cases. We also have substantial financial resources to successfully prosecute these expensive and complex cases.

– Serious Auto Accidents

Our attorneys have handled thousands of auto accident cases throughout Southern California. We have consistently achieved exceptional results for our clients, while earning a reputation for professionalism and competence in the community of lawyers, judges, and insurance representatives.

– Motorcycle Accidents

The Reeves Law Group is staffed with high-caliber attorneys who have handled thousands of accident cases and have particular experience in handling injury claims arising from motorcycle crashes. Well-staffed, well-financed, and well-reputed, The Reeves Law Group has all the resources to properly handle your claim from the very beginning and to help you obtain the highest recovery possible.

– Truck Accidents

Anyone who has been involved in a truck crash knows why that is. A truck accident involving an 18-wheeler or semi-truck is not like a common car accident. A truck cannot stop as quickly or maneuver nearly as well as a car can. Because of the greater number of cars a truck can impact and the destructive force of its large hurtling mass, the damage an out-of-control truck can do in a truck crash accident is much greater than most other highway accidents. The Reeves Law Group has extensive experience and expertise in all types of vehicular accidents, including truck accidents and tractor-trailer accident cases. We have obtained many substantial and favorable results for our clients.

– Bus Accidents

The Reeves Law Group’s attorneys have a long history of success in helping accident victims. Our lawyers have procured significant results for thousands of satisfied clients. If you desire a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact our law firm. Many bus accident claims must be filed within a specific period of time. Claims involving buses owned by government entities and school boards have shorter filing deadlines. Acting promptly to retain an effective bus accident attorney is therefore essential for protecting your rights.

– Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents will kill or injure some 75,000 Americans this year. If you or a family member is the victim of a pedestrian accident, the lawyers at The Reeves Law Group can help. We are experienced in helping accident victims recover financial compensation for their injuries. Please contact a pedestrian accident attorney at The Reeves Law Group to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation.

– Bicycle Accidents

There is very little protection for a rider involved in a bicycle accident and bicycle injuries can be severe. If you have been involved in a bike accident, you should contact an experienced bicycle accident attorney. The experienced attorneys at The Reeves Law Group may be able to help you.

– Brain Injuries

Brain injuries and brain damage can result from numerous causes, including a botched operation, a bad birthing experience, a vehicle accident, a toxic industrial product accident, a blow to the head, or a slip-and-fall accident. A person who suffers a head injury and subsequent brain damage may lose some, or even all, of what is arguably the most precious of a person’s possessions: the mind. The brain controls not only a person’s ability to think and reason, but also the ability to control the body. Losing even a portion of one of these capabilities to brain damage caused by a head injury or other brain injury can be significant, if not devastating for the sufferer and for his or her family. The Reeves Law Group are your California Brain Injury Attorneys.

– Spinal Cord Injuries

Nearly 11,000 Americans suffer from spinal cord injuries every year. Car crashes are the primary cause of spinal injuries. Other causes of spinal cord injuries include trip and fall accidents, work accidents and sporting accidents. In many cases, these injuries are caused by the negligence of someone other than the victim. Most victims suffering from these types of spinal injuries are often faced with a lifetime of medical and rehabilitation expenses, loss of income and pain and suffering. Because of their significant damages, spinal cord injury victims should select a law firm that has extensive expertise, resources and an established record of significant results.

– Premises Liability

Effective handling of premises liability cases requires a thorough investigation and knowledge of the law and the facts and circumstances, which caused the accident. It is essential to hire a well-established law firm with significant resources to retain investigators and accident reconstruction experts to help determine the cause of the accident. It is also vital to select a law firm with extensive experience in handling premises liability cases in order to achieve optimum results. At The Reeves Law Group in California, our attorneys use the full force of our firm’s extensive resources and expertise to help injured victims receive the compensation they deserve.

– Slip and Fall Accidents

In having handled hundreds of slip and fall cases, as well as trip and fall cases, The Reeves Law Group has developed an expertise in such cases and has secured sizeable recoveries for clients hurt in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. The Reeves Law Firm has both substantial experience and resources to best handle your slip and fall or trip and fall case.

– Construction Accidents

Anyone who has been injured on a construction site should seek the assistance of a law firm that is experienced and well-recognized in the field of construction accident law. Construction accident law is a sophisticated area. Hiring a law firm with superior experience will help ensure that the case is thoroughly investigated and that all sources of compensation are pursued. At The Reeves Law Group, we will handle your construction accident case with diligence and expertise.

– Swimming Pool Accidents

The Reeves Law Group has handled thousands of personal injury cases successfully, including numerous swimming pool drowning cases, while earning a reputation of professionalism and competence. The Reeves Law Group has the experience, skill, and resources to ensure that our clients will obtain optimum representation in their wrongful death or swimming pool accident claim.

– Work Injuries

Injured workers or their families should contact a skilled and dedicated personal injury law firm that will investigate all possible sources of compensation for the worker’s injuries. It requires superior expertise and experience to thoroughly analyze the facts and circumstances surrounding a work injury and identify all possible third-party claims. Determining fault among multiple potential third-party defendants can be complex and costly. The Reeves Law Group has successfully handled thousands of injury claims and many third-party work-related claims. While our office handles only the third-party claims in work injury cases, we work closely with well-established law firms that specialize in workers’ compensation cases so that our clients are well-represented in both their workers’ compensation and third-party claims.

– Products Liability

If a defective product has injured you or someone close to you, you should keep the product and any packaging, instructions, and labels. These items are important in proving your case. Defective product cases can be very complex and expensive to prosecute. You should select a law firm with substantial expertise and resources. If you desire an immediate consultation on a defective or hazardous product case, please call a California product liability lawyer at The Reeves Law Group.



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